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Originally posted by Kajun Ref N Texas
Here is a question and answer that appears on the TASO (Texas) website:

Q: A1 is dribbling towards the basket and shoots the ball. After making the basket, A1 comes down on both feet and pushes B1. Is this a dead ball foul?

A: If the ball has cleared the net, then you have a dead ball situation.

That answer is correct but maybe a little too brief.

4-19-1 (note) - "Contact after the ball has become dead is ignored unless it is ruled intentional or flagrant or is committed by or on an airborne shooter."

This "dead ball foul" is ignored unless intentional or flagrant, correct?

A technical foul
An intentional or flagrant contact foul while the ball is dead except a foul by an airborne shooter
So ignore the foul unless you are going to charge a Technical foul
Stew in VA
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