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Originally posted by johnnyrao
A1 is lining up during a jump ball facing the center circle about even with the 28 foot line. His back is to Team A's basket.

As the teams line-up for the tap B1 lines up behind A1 so he can not turn and drive towards the basket. I am positioned next to Team A's coach ready to chop the clock to start the game. He keeps telling me that B1 can not line up behind his player.
If B1 is directly behind stationary A1, it's regarded as a screening situation and B1 has to give A1 a normal step to turn around in. If A1 turns and drives, and there's contact before A1 takes his normal step, B1 gets charged with the foul. Rules reference is NFHS rule 10-6-3(a).

Iow team A's coach was right if B1 sets up closer than a step behind A1.
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