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Originally posted by rockyroad
Originally posted by RookieDude
Originally posted by blewthat
anyone from Boise area and able to tell me what it will be like moving to Boise.
I went to college at nearby Nampa, ID. (NNU) and taught/coached for a year in that I know a little about it.

From what I remember...the Disco bars were great!

Hmmm...disco bars and NNU just don't seem to go together in my mind! Did you have an English Prof named Kevin Dennis?? He's my cousin - been there quite a while. are absolutely's a wonder I didn't get kicked out.
No drinking or dancing was allowed at this school.
Heck, even going to the movies was considered taboo.

Sorry, I don't remember your cousin's name(graduated in 1979)...but I DO remember the VP's name, Mr. Ford. Whew, what a beautiful daughter he had!
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