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Rich - I don't think you should feel bad about either situation. In most cases, when a game is a blow-out coaches tend to relax and return to their "normal self". Whether or not the compliment was 100% heartfelt, just accept it - while you may be a little skeptical of what a coach says, don't feel the need to verbalize your skepticism. Generally, when people are not emotionally involved in the outcome of a game, they tend to see that the officials really do a good job during the game.

As for the second instance, you know the coach has got to be frustrated and you're a convenient target. I would hope that you would expect some kind of comment from the coach when you've got his team down by 20pts AND you got a 9-1 foul count against his team. It sounds like you were aware of the lopsided foul count, but you should either try harder to find fouls on the winning team or expect to hear frustration-related comments from the losing coach.

Either way, these are not comments to get really upset about IMO. Sounds like you worked a good game and the better team won. Nice job!
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