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I worked in Boise for 2 years before moving to Missouri. The Boise area is in District 3 when it comes to officiating. All the schools in that district have a contract with the official's association and only officials from the association are to be used for games at those schools.

Current pay for varsity is $47. JV is $33. Travel is paid to one official (usually one of the varsity officials who is supposed to coordinate ride sharing).

All games are assigned by a central assignor. Assignment meetings are held about once a month. In a given month I would receive anywhere from 5-15 dates (depending on my availability).

Officials are rated at the beginning of the year and assignments are based on those ratings. Ratings range from JV 5 to Varsity 1. JV 4's and 5's receive only JV and below. JV 3 officials work primarily JV games but can fill in for Varsity officials when needed. Varsity 1 and 2 officials work almost exclusively varsity games.

Like most places, there are some politics present within the association. Your first year, you'll probably be rated as a JV official. Prove yourself during that year and you'll move up fairly quickly.

Here's the website for the District 3 Official's Association: Feel free to email me if you want anymore info. I can also give you email addresses for a few of the officials out there.

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