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Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser
Originally posted by tomegun
The mechanics are the same but many use an un-approved mechanic. As it is in the book, the block and over-and-back signals are my least favorite to use. I just think they are both weak signals. I'm guilty of using the bad mechanic at the spot, but when I report to the table I use the proper block mechanic. This is one of my weaknesses because it is wrong, like others have said.

Roundball, many things aren't done correctly in a college game on TV. That doesn't mean we aren't supposed to do it right. They walk and talk, in men's games, all the time and that isn't correct (I don't know about the ...SEC).
What don't you like about the over-and-back mechanic?
I don't think the block or over-and-back mechanic look strong. IMO, there is no snap or strength to the over-and-back. It reminds me of the indication you would give someone if you are 50/50 about something.

I would say it is a weakness because it isn't correct. This is an area where I yield to my desire to show strength instead of the proper mechanic. Trust me, I make it quick when I do it the right way at the table.
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