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Has anyone ever worked with a partner that grandstands?
This weekend at a Varsity Boys game, I’m going over pre-game with my partner. He was a more experienced Official then I and he made it clear he was in charge. He was going down the list about how we where going to officiate this game. I thinking to myself “wow this guy is a real professional, I can’t wait to see him work”. Once the ball was tipped and the game was started it became clear he wanted to be part of the show. He would double blow his whistle for every call, He would blow his whistle on every inbounds. He was holding long conversation with the coaches while play is going on. Waving to fans, running out to hard to sell simple out of bounds calls. At one point he was the lead in the A position having a conversation with the AD while play is going on under the basket. This guy was a something else.

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