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I like to keep a journal of all of my games. Number one to record how many games I am doing a year. Number two to record any good one liners that seem to come up. I also like to record the really weird stuff that seems to happen. Some other things that do come up seem to be the good partners that I have had and if they did something that I really liked or something that I disliked. My rational is that if I write them down I am that much more likely to remember it down the road.

Second Part
How to become better. Watch yourself on film every chance you get. No matter what people tell you most of us don't really believe it until you see yourself do it. In my state we just started a mentoring program. The officials that I mentor, I always take my video camera and sneak in without them knowing it. Then afterwards we talk about any situations and I show them their reporting skills. I have seen more improvement when I follow this than if I just tell them.
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