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I had a super ball fly past me, bounce off the table and roll to the bench during a time out.

I had them announce the do not throw things on the floor speech, and before it was done game management was running into the gym saying, "Who did it?"

I knew the general location, but not the person so I said, "It came from there."

15-20 kids were in the first couple of rows and another 15-20 were a few rows higher up.

The kids in the front were saying they did it, pointing to the kids higher up, and of course the kids higher up were saying the other kids did it.

He threw out the entire section.

But it's not the Arizona record.

Big game between the most obnoxious coach in town and the team he just left for his new job. The home team had the next "LeBron", in his parents eyes that is, and his posse was the most vocal and profane around.

During the game several flare ups occurred amongst the rival fans, and several people were ejected, when early in the second half more of the same nonsense started, the officials and game management emptied the ENTIRE GYM, then finished the game.
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