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Originally posted by wwcfoa43
Originally posted by IREFU2
His daughter was playing and was harassing the table and us. So I told the coach that I knew his daughter was on the team that he (the coach) needed to calm him down or I was going to penalize his team. Well, the coach talked to him and he got worse in the second half. So, long story short, we got him removed.
I think you need to be careful with penalizing teams. I had one situation where a player behaved inappropriately and I T'd him. When he walked past me, he swore at me so I T'd him again and he was done. Then a parent started in on me from the stands about my actions. He would not stop so we had to toss the fan. Then to my shock a player on the OPPOSITE TEAM to the player ejected asked "Why did you ask my Dad to leave?" I guess the guy thought he saw a grand injustice and could not sit for it. Never have I had that before or since!
I believe that IREFU2 mentioned that this was during a summer league camp? I've done some of these camp games where the only "administrator" is the 13 year old kid running the clock. In that case, what do you do? About the only leverage you have is the tell the coach that the fan is his problem and get him to deal with it. That, of course, would not be the case during a regular season game.
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