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Originally posted by blindzebra
Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser
I don't understand this thread -- before going on the court, we grab a program and know the two head coaches' names. If I remember, I get them from the Internet before making the trip.

We use their first names when we introduce ourselves to the coaches. Likewise, we give the coaches our first and last names and I expect that they'll use my first name.

Beats the heck out of "hey you" or "hey ref?" Besides, if they want a timeout, they can get my attention much better by calling me by name.
I don't care if they call me by my first name, but I'll never call a coach by theirs, it is always going to be coach.
Then you and I completely disagree on this. The head coach is always addressed (by me) by first name and if I catch and remember an assistant's name (which I'll admit is rare), I'll do the same thing if I need to communicate throw-in spot or timeouts remaining.

Anything I can do to make our relationship a bit more human-to-human....
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