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Originally posted by ChuckElias
This happened to me last night. HS game. I had no idea what to do, so I did nothing. Tell me if there should've been a whistle.

Ball is loose on the floor in the backcourt. About 3 people around it, maybe 4. Anyway, A1 goes to the floor on his stomach and reaches out to secure the ball. In the process of wrapping up the ball, A1 also wraps his arms around B1's leg. A1 is holding the ball so tightly that B1 can't get his leg out. B1 pulls his legs and drags A1 and the ball along the floor. A1 then pushes the ball to A2 and play continues upcourt. This whole thing was about a second and a half, btw. It wasn't a "tug of war" with the kid and the leg. But there was clearly a point at which B1 tried to get free and couldn't.

Coach B yells travel (b/c A1 "slid"), but I'm not going there. Could this be a holding foul on A1? A1 was clearly playing the ball and not intentionally holding B1. A1 simply wanted to keep control of the ball with other defenders around. So I didn't think a foul was right. It's obviously not a held ball, although the idea is kind of funny to me.

Any thoughts? Should I have had a whistle? If so, for what? Thanks.
A second and a half?
Did A1 get a big disadvantage on the brief "hold"?
Was A1 even really trying to hold B1?
I got nuthin'.

Now if A1 was "holding" B1's leg without the ball...and B1 was trying to get to the ball...then sure, you have a hold.
But, with the scenario you described Chuck, I just see incidental contact.
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