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Originally posted by fonzzy07
I may be wrong, but it still seems to me like their was something else besides this push and the one kid being better then the other that made the fight break out. I'm with you guys tho that its not always the refs fault. I guess what I'm asking is what would you have done if you were those refs, and does anyone think that they as a ref could have prevented this?????
Since we weren't there, all we can go by is the information provided, and from Ref-X's original and follow up posts, it doesn't appear that there was any identifiable precursor to what happened.

B1 simply lost it, committed the intentional foul & was correctly penalized by the officials. The only additional thing they could have done was to toss both A1 & B1 for their subsequent conduct, but that's a judgement call on their part as to whether the conduct was flagrant.

The reactions by the adults were way out of line, but I don't see what the officials could have done to prevent them.

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