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Originally posted by Ref Daddy

Amazing. couple shared observations

Finding a "man among boys" is more and more frequent in lower levels. One of the hardest challenges to be fair to unequaled talents. Coaching a kid thats still developing skills to manage a player 18 inch's taller and 2 years more mature is impossible.

The presure on these Kids gets out of control. Its a game and every night SOMEBODY looses.

Hindsite; Was a preventative officiating step missed? Sounds like (from the stands anyway) you could see this coming.

Seen and experienced hostile Father / Son tandem's before. Its a challenge. Haven't seen a Mother / daughter one yet.

I hindsite yes you could see the frustration on the one kid building. I never would have guessed the coach and parents would get in to it. As an Official we hear coaches and parents yelling at the kids all the time. I am glad I was not working that game. At the same time I think how would I have handled that differently.
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