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Originally posted by BktBallRef
Originally posted by JCrow
3. Sometimes you "real" Refs get caught up in the Rules more than what the Game is suppose to be about. Two years ago, my Team is up by 2 toward the end of the Game in a Y playoff. The other Coach called his second TO of the 1/2. In our League you get one. The Ref T'd him and I went over and told him that we don't call it that "formally" in our League. We aren't shooting the T and give them the ball back. My kids were astonished. So I told them, you want to win it on the Court not on a technicality. Right? (Thank God we did win that one.) That's a life lesson. If you take that T....why not cheat on a test, sue Market Basket for slipping on a grape, ot cheat on your spouse, etc. This stuff about T'ing up a kid for taking off a bloody shirt at the bench is bad. That's not what loving the game is about. The NFHS should make all that non-basketball stuff "recommendations" and not penalties that determine the outcome of competitions.
Now, exactly how is the offiical supposed to know that "we don't call it that "formally" in our League?" He's given a set of league rules that he's expected to enforce. He doesn't call it and he's got to listen to some Pat Riley look-a-like tell him what the rule is. So don't blame the offiical who's enforcing a rule he's been told to enforce, simply because you as coaches ignore it.

Also, don't blame us for the rules that the NFHS writes. We just enforce the rulebook, we don't author it.

Sometimes you "real" coaches get caught up in making up your own as the game goes along.
Whooo!! Somebody needs a hug!
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