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Originally posted by jrfath
Play was legal.

There was no "mass substitution." 11 players were in the huddle. Asheville player broke the huddle after the ready for play was blown, but before the Western Alamance team broke their huddle. Being within the nine-yard marks was not an issue. Receiver ran to the Asheville sideline, staying on the field, and Western Alamance just didn't notice him over there. There was no deception "at or immediately before the snap."

Coach notified the officials before the game that they might run the play, and officials were notified on the field two plays prior that Asheville was going to run the play. So the officials were looking closely to make sure all was legal when the play was run.
How then is this a trick play? The only thing I am thinking is that they huddled and broke much earlier than normal, but the player was inside the 9 yard marks before the RFP, maybe on his way out to his spot?
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