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CBOA "try-out"

I'm a CBOA member in Western MA. I didn't have to go to be observed. They started that procedure the year after I joined. There's not really a whole lot you can do to prepare. You just go out and ref your game. Two things that I would be sure to do:

1) Make sure you are aware of the NCAA rules changes for this season; and

2) If colleges in your area use 3-man mechanics -- and you're not completely familiar with them -- get a 3-man manual and brush up on it.

Don't wear the flag patch, just b/c you think it will impress the observers. It won't. So what are they looking for? Same as any evaluator, I would guess. Do you know the rules? Do you use proper mechanics? Do you apply the rules according to the adv/disad principles? How do you handle yourself in a pressure situation? Can you follow the game at the increased tempo? Are you in shape?

As far as Rut's question about why you'd need to join CBOA, I can only say that it's a must in my area. That's b/c CBOA has an exclusive contract with the ECAC which schedules officials for all Div 2 and 3 games. So if you want to get scheduled for those games, you have to be a CBOA member. If you only do D1, or if you only do junior colleges, then you wouldn't need to be a memeber. But even so, we do have lots of D1 officials who are part of the organization in my area.

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