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Question Do not do it just for that.

Originally posted by Love2ref4Ever
I applied for admission to The Collegiate Basketball Officials Association(CBOA)and I received a letter in the mail stating that I have to appear at a college here in my area to referee a scrimmage and with less than one week remaining(to prepare)I was wondering if there are any CBOA officials out there that can tell me what the evaluaters will be looking for? And does anyone have any tips on preparing.Since the CBOA has approved the US flag(patch) to be worn on ofiicials shirt, would it be a good idea to wear a US flag(patch) on my shirt?

I have heard of that association, but I would not wear a flag just to impress the CBOA. If you are good, they will have you join I guess. Because truth be told, the NCAA or CCA has approved the wearing of flags, not just that organization. And usually the assignor will have a say of what to do or not. You mainly answer to an assignor at college more than the an association.

My final question, is what benefit do you see by joining this organization. Because I do college too, and I did not need to join an association to do it. So if there is a benefit I would like to know what that is.

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