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Originally posted by Indy_Ref
What do the women's rules say about the dreaded BLARGE?
The rule is the exact same as Men's basketball. This is not a rules difference between the two sides.

Originally posted by Indy_Ref
I was under the impression that it cannot happen in the women's game...and that the 2 signaling officials need to get together and decide on one or the other. I may very well be wrong since I do not do (or know) the women's rules, but I am discussing it with a fellow friend & official who works women's games. He believes it is a double foul with AP...and I keep telling him he better look it up!
Unless you can show me something specific, there is no rules difference. Remember for the most part the rules between Men's and Women's basketball are all the same except for some well known differences. This is not one of those differences.

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