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Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by refTN
Originally posted by MPLAHE
Varsity girls scrimmage the other night. Had three illegal screen calls in the first quarter on the home team which had the coach a bit upset since he was obviously teaching this technique. As girls would move laterally in the front court, one of his girls would jumpstop in front of the moving defender. On occasion, the defender was able to avoid the screen, but in most cases the defender could not and would crash into the offensive player. I know this is a judgement call and can be a tough one to make, but in my opinion, the offensive player was not allowing the defender enough distance (1-2 steps/strides) to avoid the contact. Anyone else see this coaching teachnique in the girls game?

BTW, it stopped by the second quarter and the coach wanted to know why I wasn't allowing his kids to set picks. I told him if set properly, they can set all the picks they want, but these were not legal and better that they learn it now then during the season.
From what you wrote I have no foul here at all. the girl can jumpstop all day for all I care right before the girl hits her and this not be illegal. When a screener is in the visual parameters of the screenee, time and distance do not matter. I believe the rulebook says anything short of contact. I would say that this is just my opinion but it's not, it's the NFHS's, NCAA's, and NBA's.

Absolutely, totally and completely wrong.

The screening concept that you are trying to use applies only to a stationary opponent. Time and distance apply to screens set on a moving opponent. Different rules for different situations.

It might be a good idea to read and learn NFHS rule 10-6-3. Might keep you outa trouble some day.

Don't pontificate unless you really know what you're doing. It kinda makes you look a l'il silly when you're so badly wrong.
My bad, totally and utterly wrong. I know it when I see it just wrote it wrong. while I was writing this I was picturing a pick n roll play which in most cases is a stationary defender.
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