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Originally posted by BktBallRef
Originally posted by JRutledge
Can you give a rule reference (actually in the rulebook) that uses the term "moving screen" as an illegal act?
Can you give a rule reference that says displacement has to occur?

No, you cannot.
Rule 10-6 says:

In cases with the screener and id the opponent is running rapidly, the contact may be severe. Such a case is to be ruled as incidental contact provided the opponent stops or attempts to stop on contact or moves around the screen, and provided the screener is not displaced if he/she has the ball.

Rule 4-27-1 also says:

The mere fact that contact occurs does not constitute a foul. When 10 players are moving rapidly in a limited area, some contact is certain to occur.

Rule 4-27-3 always says:

Similarly, contact which does not hinder normal the opponent from participating in normal defensive or offensive movements should be considered incidental.

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