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Originally posted by Nevadaref
While you have given him some rules language help with that case play, it truly doesn't fit his situation because the ball hits the backboard in 4.15.4 Sit C.

So if you would post the play JR cited, 4.44 Sit B from this year's book (labeled 4.43 Sit B in previous years), that would do even more for the questioner.

I'll post it. I just hate paying the royalty to Tony though:

4.44SITUATION B: A1 attempts a try after ending the dribble. The try does not touch the backboard, the rim, or any other player. A1 runs and is able to catch the ball before it touches the floor. Is this traveling?
RULING: No. When A1 recovered his/her own try, A1 could either dribble, pass or try again. There was no team control after the ball was released on a try. (4-12, 4-41)
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