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Originally posted by Nate1224hoops
Originally posted by Kelvin green
Remember basketball fundamentals. Dont need a rule citation for this one.

Once a ball is in the air on a try, there is no player or team control. The ball is fair game and any player can secure this ball.

The NBA wrote a specific exception in that the ball had to hit something before shooter could get it back. If the nBA had not specificall put that in theirs would have been the same.

Here goes my chant again. This is where you have to know your definitions. All the other rules mean diidly if you dont know rule 4
Just curious about the citation. This is a call that is made incorrectly a lot. Coaches often complain wanting this call made too. Any citation?
As mentioned it is found in the case book. You will not find it in the rule book. Coaches complain because they watched one too many NBA games. If the call is made incorrectly it is because the referee does not undestand the basics of the game.

Even Basketball rule fundamantal 1 applies. loose ball reamins in team control unless a shot or try.(abbreviated)

New officials need to learn the 20 fundamentals and rule 4 befor anything else.

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