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Here is some documentation from the NCAA 2004 rulebook.

Section 65. Traveling

Art. 1. Traveling occurs when a player holding the ball moves a foot or both feet in any direction in excess of prescribed limits described in this Rule.
A.R. 35. A1 attempts a try at Team A’s basket after having completed the dribble. The try does not touch the backboard, the ring or the flange or any other player. A1 runs and catches the ball before it strikes the playing court. Is this traveling?
When A1 recovered his or her own try, A1 could either dribble, pass or try again. There is no team control by either team when a try is in flight. However, when the
shot clock expires and a try by A1 or a teammate has not struck the ring or the flange, it shall be a violation of the shot-clock rule.
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