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Originally posted by Dan_ref
Originally posted by M&M Guy
Originally posted by JRutledge

What if he is not talking about NCAA Women's Mechanics? The mechanics for the Men's side are different.

I know, that's why I mentioned the disclaimer.

How is the baseline throw-in handled when it's close to the corner? Wouldn't that be handled the same as a sideline throw-in administered by the L?
Yes & no.

Yes because the L's attention is diverted from the post because of the throw-in in both cases.

No because on the sideline throw-in the line is the T's but the throw-in responsibility is the L. So by definition you have 4 eyes looking at that sideline.

Which is why I've been told the L admninister this throw-in and immediately gives it up to the T: count, violations & chop.

Yuck. Now I can see the confusion.

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