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Originally posted by ThickSkin
Originally posted by ref18
Originally posted by JugglingReferee
You can tell the pic was doctored b/c there are no Viagra, Cialis or porn e-mails.
All of those end up on my BlackBerry so I get them instantly and read them all .

Just kidding, basically my BlackBerry is my main e-mail address, and if it's not important it ends up in the G-Mail or my Hotmail account. So if it's important I'll tell you to send it to the BlackBerry, otherwise good luck getting a response from me

And I've gotten more e-mails over the night asking for the test and the answers.

Let me re-state my position, I AM NOT e-mailing out the test or the answers, if you want them, someone else volunteered to distribute the test, and you can do what I did, find the answers in your rulebook. You'll be a better official that way.

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Since you won't send out the test... or answers... LOL!!! How about you send me an invitation to gmail. I have been trying to get one for quite awhile now.
That I can do, as I've got 100 of them just sitting there. What's your e-mail address?
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