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Re: Re: nfhs no team control on throw in

Originally posted by ChuckElias
Originally posted by jritchie
Originally posted by thumpferee
A1 has the ball oob for a throw in. A2 and B2 are called for simultaneous fouls. Both are in the bonus.
So in sit 1, you report the fouls and go with ap arrow oob
I'm going to disagree here. You report the fouls and continue at the POI, which in this case was Team A's throw-in.

Tommy, you can only have a team control foul when there is, in fact, team control. In NFHS, there is no team control during a throw-in. Remember, team control is established when player control (holding or dribbling a live ball inbounds) is established and continues until a try is released, until the other team gains control, or until the ball becomes dead.
Chuck, when does a point-of-interruption exist, or not exist? Please ammend this as needed!

There's a P.O.I. if:
1. there's player or team control;
2. throw-in is pending or underway;
3. foul-shot is pending

There isn't a P.O.I if:
1. a shot has been released and its fate is unknown;
2. a jump ball has become alive but control has not yet been established;
3. a foul shot, with players in the marked lane spaces, is missed

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