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Originally posted by Whistles & Stripes
Originally posted by sdubb
Can a team play a game with only four players even if others are available? What is the penalty if the coach doesn't put a 5th player on the floor? What is the penalty if only 4 players are on the floor when the ball is put in play?
If he's got 5 available, he's gotta have 5 on the floor. Tell him to send in 5. When he refuses, that's failure to obey a request by the referee. Technical foul.
Does he HAVE to have 5 out there? What about that once in a refs career when teams break from a TO and A had 5 players while only 4 players from B take the floor and the refs allow the ball to be inbounded? Now B realizes it and wants to send in another player. If they just run onto the floor it's a T so they have to wait for a dead ball to be beckoned in.

If coach wants to play with 4, I don't know of a rule that would prevent it unless he was up by 30 and he's trying to embarass the other team.
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