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Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by Dan_ref
Originally posted by ChuckElias
Taking the NCAA test, huh, Jeff? Me, too. In the test, it specifically says "without moving the pivot foot". I think that's supposed to be a clue that it's legal. But I don't know for sure. In HS, definitely a violation. In NCAA, I would have thought that it was also a violation. But with the way it's worded in the question, I'm not 100% sure.
I think it's legal also. The AR does say it's virtually impossible to fall down without moving the pivot foot, it does not mention standing up.
Well, except for the sentence that reads, "When a player rises to his or her feet while holding the ball, it is traveling." (second to last sentence).

Maybe the AR is wrong, or maybe I'm interpreting is incorrectly.

Isn't it possible to be on 1 knee & have both feet on the floor?
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