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Originally posted by tpaul
Originally posted by waltjp
He's not set. He can shift. Tom, using your example we'd have to throw on the muddle huddle.
But the whole muddle shifts not just one player??

Can a Tackle shift if his hand isn't on the ground?
The interior lineman of a muddle huddle can shift because they have not put their hand on the ground. Any of the 11 players can shift prior to the snap as long as they are set for one second prior to the snap. What 'freezes' interior linemen in place is the rule After the ball is ready for play and before the snap begins, no false start shall be made by any A player. It is a false start if:...Any A player on his line between the snapper and the player on the end of his line, after having placed a hand(s) on or near the ground, moves his hand(s) or makes any quick movement. (7-1-7c)
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