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I had a play that made us think a bit. A was tackled in the field of play at B's 4 with 31 sec remaining in the half. The clock was stopped for a first down. B runs a sub on and A is is lining up quickly to run the clock play. B's replaced player was leaving the field as I gave the ready for play. A snaps the ball and legally grounds a pass. I stop the clock, then hear my BJ also blowing his whisle with a flag in the end zone. He reports a dead ball illegal sub. on B.

I am about to give the prelim signal to the press box when it suddenly dawns on me what will happen with the clock if we call that a dead ball foul. DB foul,I'm winding - live ball on the snap.

I went back to the BJ and confirmed the replaced player was making an attempt to leave the field making it a live ball foul instead of a dead ball. As this conversation was taking place B was requesting a timeout - so as it turned out it did not matter. But it made for a good half time discussion!
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