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Originally posted by mikesears
Just got back from a game and what a strange night we had.

I had two fouls one play. I had holding by the offense (a takedown) and a face tackle by the defense (very obvious). Couldn't locate my second flag quick enough

Then we had a defensive holding foul. The old pull and shoot.

Then we later had a second illegal helmet contact foul by the defense for spearing. This is the first time I've had two of these in a game.

Then our Line Judge gets taken out at the knees on a kick off return with less than 3 minutes remaining.

Seems like tonight must have been a full moon.

Just thought I'd share what a weird night we had.

I hope your LJ is ok. We had a dark Friday night, almost like the other topic on 'when to whistle' came haunting me. The field was so dark the wings where having a hard time seeing the ball in the middle of the field. I try to help out as the U on the middle dive plays, but I couldn't see it well enough either. Both teams where playing a short yardage ground game but I start a player watching linemen, not the runner, so to see the ball become dead I have to try and pick up runner late in the play. One of the coaches was complaining about how slow our whistles were but when it was explained to him we had to see the ball to blow the whistle to avoid an IW, he quickly quieted down. It seems coaches hate IW's as much or more so than us. Anyway, funny comment of the night was from an assistant coach. There was a pile of about 10 players on top of the runner, wings did not see the ball become dead and the R could not see the ball from behind but there was no hole for me to pick the runner up in and take the runner at the line. I, as the U, dig into the pile to see if I can find the ball and team A's QB standing 10 yards behind the pile holds his hands up to call the huddle. The coach called out, "Blow the whistle, the players are already huddling." None of these took more than two or three seconds, but those were some long seconds in the middle of the field.
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