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Originally posted by AtlUmpSteve

The truth is, no one is out there talking about 5 year old bats that the balls zooms off; it is the RocketTech primarily, and, to a lesser degree, the composites (Synergy and Catalyst). I wouldn't toss one of those bats in a bat check. In fact, there were legal titanium bats approved by ASA (it was a Lisa Fernandez model, I believe).

This is true, but also misleading. The bats you mention above (and I believe Lisa Fernandez's model was first) contained an insignificant amount of titanium for marketing purposes only. So, I don't think you can compare them to the original titanium bats that originally did cause bats constructed of titanium to become illegal.

The only reason they could get away with banning the substance was because at that time there was evidence that titanium did increase the speed of the ball. I don't believe the bats mentioned above came to the market until ASA began testing bats which would make the construction material irrelevant. I think that is when the restriction was removed from the book.

Not completely sure of my time-line, but that is what I was given from a member of the testing committee at the time.
The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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