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This one has floated out here for a while without any response, so let me take a stab at it. ASA intentionally did not ban titanium or any other specified materials, and it is strictly a performance standard. With the current technology, I suspect that the titanium bats of yore WOULD meet the current performance standards; if not, there would be a lot more conversation and noting those older bats which would not meet standards.

The truth is, no one is out there talking about 5 year old bats that the balls zooms off; it is the RocketTech primarily, and, to a lesser degree, the composites (Synergy and Catalyst). I wouldn't toss one of those bats in a bat check. In fact, there were legal titanium bats approved by ASA (it was a Lisa Fernandez model, I believe).

Since the bats are not specifically banned, nor is titanium a banned bat substance, there would be no repurcussions for allowing a titanium bat to be used. Since it is, by definition, a judgment call, it cannot be protested, and any lawsuit arising from your judgment would be covered under your ASA issued insurance from Bollinger.
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