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I tend to agree with Mike/Irish on this one. What's it going to hurt that the girl has a pair of studs in her ear? "In my judgement," studs are not a safety issue.

Now before I go on, I'm sure there will be people saying "what about if she gets swipe-tagged and the glove catches the stud, etc etc." Well, she better have a helmet on at that point, so it's moot. How is it a safety issue on defense? I've seen more issues related to balls hitting players in the face than I have any issue with their ears.

Now hooped earrings - different story. I'll make SP adults take those out... actually DID see a hoop earring get pulled out of an ear on a tag in a SP game... bloddy mess. I don't care if they are adults... I don't want anyone to go through what the lady who had it pulled out did. Ouch.
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