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Originally posted by Mark Dexter
Originally posted by Rizzo21

Now that I think of it, there was an instance where I was Center and the Trail called over-and-back from a frontcourt throw-in that was touched by A1 but never under control until she grabbed it in the backcourt. I kept my mouth shut (probably wisely) but after the game, the evaluator mentioned to the Trail that if another official (as I did) saw this, have a huddle, break out and rule "inadvertant whistle" and give it back to the offense.
Interesting . . .

I'd be careful with going to a partner for something like this - "control" can be in the eye of the beholder, and I wouldn't call a huddle unless it was blatantly not controlled by A1 in the frontcourt.

If I have something obvious (a tip, blatant control/no control, etc.) then I'll bring it up right then.

Do what your local association/the camp you're attending wants you to do, I guess.
I agree with the conference here (as I was instructed while being evaluated when exactly the same thing occured).

Some uncommon situations just take knowledge that is split between the two officials.

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