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Old Tue Jul 26, 2005, 09:55am
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It sounds from the original post that the obs. happened partway between second and third base. In this situation, I am going to call an out if she obtains the base and goes past it (whether voluntarily or by oversliding). She has had time to recover from the OBS, she reached the base I was protecting her to and she is no longer between the bases where she was obstructed between. Now, if I've got obstruction right around third base (player blocking the base before ball gets there for example) and the runner is forced due to the obstruction to slide around and she touches the base but overslides it or misses it altogether, then I'll probably call her safe, but only if the act of oversliding is a direct result from the obstruction. When she's obstructed half way to third base, I can't tell if the overslide is a direct result of the obstruction or not, tough break. JMO

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