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Originally posted by Nevadaref
Originally posted by Rizzo21
New referee here and did my very first "clinic" this past weekend, complete with evaluators and all the related advice. One of the games I did (after the evaluators went home) involved this very same situation. I was Lead in a 2-man, shot went up by A1, A2 shoved B1. Ball then went through the hoop. I whistled the foul and, using a wild guess, counted the basket and nobody complained.

Thanks for citing the rule. I will review it so I can back it up next time it happens.

By the way, I'm hooked!
Yes. Good call. Now did you remember to allow Team B to run the end line for the ensuing throw-in?
No, I wasn't that lucky/on top of things to remember that. I prepared for the weekend with extensive study in the Rules/Manual/Case Book, however, it doesn't mean much until you really experience it. Now I can go back to the books and it will be much more meaningful.

The three biggest things I learned from the advice given were:

1) Patient Whistle - I called too many ticky-tack fouls early but after some pointers I learned to watch the entire beginning, middle and end (of plays) and advantage/disadvantage. Things went much more smoothly after that.

2) Positioning - Did both 2-man and 3-man. I'm sure I will start out at a level that is mostly 2-man but once I got the hang of it, 3-man felt great!

3) Finding the competitive match-up in your primary (especially when off-ball).

Had a big "ooops" with a travelling call on a jump stop (the coach roared). Gotta bone up on that play a little.
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