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Originally posted by Camron Rust
I'm on a Kentucky discussion board with him. I've helped him a time or two with small issues on his website.

He's really a good guy and has no agenda regarding officials.

He has a plethora of statistics on Kentucky basketball on his site. The officials is just a minute portion of the data. It's just raw stats that come along with the box scores.
In that case, it really would be interesting to do as brainbrian suggests and compare overall win/loss record to the w/l for each ref. Maybe even factor in the home and away angle. Perhaps you could suggest it to him. There could be a little essay on the website, about how the refs work to be neutral, and that they really don't play favorites -- the statistics could really help bolster that position. There might even be a professor who would want to use those figures in a math class. to illustrate that great Mark Twain quote, "There are lies, and there are damn lies, and then there are statistics."
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