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Re: Vegas

Originally posted by socalreff
I will be in Vegas as well this weekend. However, it is a different camp--- the CCAA. We will be doing the same tournament as coast to coast but different gyms. Does anyone know who the clinicians will be at Coast to Coast and if there will be any college assignors observing? Thanks for the info.
I have never heard of a college assigner observing the officials at the coast to coast and I used to live in Vegas. I don't even think Marla, Jack, John or Lou will be in town to watch. Well I'm not sure about Jack since they aren't going to be in Walnut Creek this year but I know Lou will be in Walnut Creek for the PAC-10 camp so he won't be in Vegas. You might just have to work hard for Dr. White and Dan. Are you already on the CCAA staff?
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