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I see a lot of good points here.

It has always been true that many laws make it harder on the just than the unjust but it still rains on both.
It would be a shame for it to come to a point where nobody will want to work with young people because of the restrictions placed upon us by society.

As a 50 year old softball coach who works with 9-12 year old girls it is very difficult. Many of these kids become just like grandchildren to me. At times they surround me like puppies just wanting attention. (which they likely don't get at home)

They want a hug when they do well or they want to hang on my arm coming of the field during a fun practice.

The thing is, a certain few demons in our society have made it where simply giving a kid a hug for doing a good job can be looked down on.

If we have to register ourselves and be examined to do the job we love I see that we have no other choice. Putting up with the way things are is tough right now, that is true but I think it will just get worse.

My 13 year old daughter is priceless to me, as are all the kids I work with.

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