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I officiate three sports, two of which could be considered contact sports... soccer and basketball. (Swimming, the worst injury is usually a cut foot on the deck or a cramp in the water) I usually wait for a fast break to finish, unless the player is obviously unconscious, bleeding obviously, or in some other major kind of injury such as an obviously broken limb. If this occurs, whistle right away. If the injured player is down in the middle of live play (players around the injured player), whistle immediately. If the player is not obviously seriously injured, and the play has moved away and is a fast break situation, I keep the injured player in my periphery, unless my partner has them, and allow the play to continue until the fast break ends, or the other team gains possession.

It has produced some interesting situations, because I am an EMT as well. Various people have various opinions on whether or not someone with that training should get involved. Not something for this thread, although in the absense of a trainer, I usually do offer to help after indicating my level of EMS training. It is rarely refused.
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