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Originally posted by Kelvin green
Game management question... Guy was limping along down the floor, Did you have to blow the whistle?

(By rule he was ready to play no sub)

But why blow the whistle? I ask kids all the time are you ok? Do you want to go out? A lot of times they say theyre ok and we keep going with no interruption. While by rule you were correct--

Remember the more we keep the game going with out a whistle the better off we are
Agree- certainly for anything above JV.

If he's just limping, it's obvious there's no serious injury involved. If he's on the offensive team, he has the option to call a TO. That will stop the play-- and if he goes off, his team won't be charged with the TO anyway. If he's on the defensive team, he's trailing a 5 on 4-albeit maybe a slow one. Either way, you've got plenty of time to ask him if he's OK.

If you know it's minor, let the player make the decision,not you.
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