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Boys HS summer league game last night using NFHS rules. I was center and after a made basket I stopped the game because a player right in front of me was limping after twisting his ankle. I went over to him and asked him if he was okay. He said yes and started jogging down the court. One of my partners came over and said he had to be replaced because I stopped the game for the injury. I forgot to ask him about it after the game but I looked it up in the rule book and my interpretation is that if I stop the game and the player is ready to play immediately (which he was) then he does not need to come out. If the coach is called on the floor he must be replaced or the team can call a time out. In this case replacing him was the right thing to since he limped around the sidelines for a few minutes and it was only a summer scrimmage, but what about an actual reagular season game?
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