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Originally posted by zebraman
It doesn't bother me and I'd never give a T in this instance. I've heard boys games where they yell "tight, tight, tight" instead. They are just communicating to their teammates that the dribbler has lost the dribble and if everyone tightens up, they might get a 5-second call. I don't know why that would be considered unsportsmanlike.

Well, i'm not referring to the ones where the player is communicating simple information for their teammates. I'm referring to screaming that in the offensive player's face from 2-3 inches away, to the point that there are little flecks of spit coming off and possibly even hitting the offensive player, and the yelling can be heard a long distance away - well beyond the distance of their teammates. It isn't in the interest of passing information, or that is just a secondary benefit - they're trying to intimidate the offensive player by screaming in their face. If it is just communication, i have no problem with it whatsoever.
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