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Originally posted by scottk_61

Most of you have read how in Florida this year a little girl was kidnapped and killed by a pervert sex offender.
That girl was Jessica Lunsford and what happened to her is beyond horrible.
We are all offended that a child could be harmed like this.

Since that happened, the Florida Legislature passed a new law that was signed by the governor. The Lusford Act is the name of this revision of an existing law.
Florida Statute 1012.32.

First off it's horrible that states have to have this kind of horrible crime HAPPEN before they do anything.

The aforementioned which has already been enacted by several states IMO has nothing to do with preventing perverts from working with kids. It's called "another money maker" for the state.

If the states truly cared about preventing perverts from working with kids, then simply have the info available for FREE. It's already in the FBI data-base so why charge for it.

Think of it this way.

Your the UIC so you call the FBI or state government and say "can I have background checks on 50 umpires"

FBI or state agency. Sure it will cost you $60.00 bucks a pop.

Now reality: If I can't afford the cost of the background checks then are you saying too bad if I have a few perverts among the ranks simply because I can't afford it.

Any Time one thinks the governmenet or states are doing something "Good" just remember the Price tag associated with that "good" intention.

Pete Booth

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