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Originally posted by drumbum565
I haven't been keeping up on my out of state news, but would someone like to explain to me what this terrable(sic) tragidy(sic) has to do with officials.
There has long been a trend to perform backgound checks on people who work with children, especially when they are in any position of authority. This is not news. One would have to be living in a cave or a purple haze to not be aware of it.

Apparently, however, the incident in Florida has brought it to the forefront there and, while well intended, they have adopted a rather clumsy approach to background checks.

As an official I have a background check performed every year, and as a substitute teacher, I have one performed every other year.

Florida's addition of an "FBI" check is also nothing new. Most states background checks include a check of NCIC which is what an FBI check will include at that level. True FBI detailed checks will only occur if they get a hit on someone they are interested in.
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