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Schools should pay

Originally posted by His High Holiness
You may be surprised by what background checks reveal about your umpires. As a long time assignor, I got to know the backgrounds of the people that worked for us and I'll bet that I didn't know the half of it. The head assignor and I guessed that up to 10% of our umpires had criminal records of some kind. We were aware of convicted sex offenders in the ranks.

I've made this observation before: What better place to have a sex offender work than with 9-15 players from each team watching everything that he does plus 3 coaches from each team, and a couple of dozen fans thrown in as a bonus? That doesn't even count the woman running the snack bar who never misses anything.

This is where you need a union. A union will foist this expense over on the schools, or make sure that no umpires show up for any games if the schools refuse to pay.

If the schools want umpires then they should have to pay. We already have to pay state and local dues. To add to that will only make it harder to find umpires.

Not only in baseball, but just imagine for basketball (where you have to have many many officials) and football.

If the schools don't want to pay, then they can pay by having a lack of officials for the games.

All of our schools continue to complain about not having money - they have plenty of money, they just choose to spend it on the wrong things.

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