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Originally posted by IAUMP

That is what my crew chief states, however I believe you should replay 3rd down with the ball on the 1/2 yard line. Because it is a loose ball play shouldn't the enforcement be from the previous spot?

Rule 10-3-1d states that the run preceing a legal pass is part of the loose ball play. And rul 10-4-2b states that the basic spot is the previous spot on loose ball plays.

I am just wanting to make sure we have the proper handle on this if we should have it happen in a game.
REPLY: You're right that the hold did indeed occur during a loose ball play and therefore the BASIC SPOT is the previous spot--but not necessarily the enforcement spot! Now that you have the BASIC spot established, you need to overlay the "All-but-one" principle on top of it. Remember that all fouls except one are enforced from the basic spot. The one that's not is a foul by the OFFENSE which occurs behind the BASIC SPOT. The penalty for such a foul is enforced from the spot of the foul. This is exactly your play. The hold occurred behind the basic spot. That's why enforcement is from a spot in A's endzone--therefore a safety results.
Bob M.
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