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Originally posted by streetball
Originally posted by Mark Padgett
Originally posted by lukealex
Situation 2: A1 shooting free throws. Six players on lane. A2 and B2 (closest to the basket on one side) are in each other's designated spot. What should be done here, if anything?
Situation 2 - the officials should not put the ball at the disposal of A1 if that is the case. It is the official's responsibility to make the players move first. If for some reason, it still happens, it is a simultaneous violationsas soon as A1 has the ball at his disposal.
(1) Why penalized the offense by calling a simultaneous foul when both players is in the wrong spot? As an official we should have recognized it before putting the ball at the disposal of the thrower. And since its 2 free throws and if you already put the ball at the thrower disposal you should just ignore it until the second attempt than move them before the second attempt.

(2)Now if for some reason that you miss it and notice it before the thrower attempt the free throw than I would blow my whistle right away before he/she released the ball and move them to their right spot assuming that it’s a 1 and 1 situation.

(3)If I waited until the thrower is done with his attempt and call a violation and take the point away, than I will hear it from the coach for not having the players in the right spot. I feel it’s our responsibility to have the right players in the right spot as well as having 5 “A” players and 5 “B” players on the court during all subs and start of each quarter before we start play.

4)By calling a simultaneous violation and going to the alternating possession you are penalizing the offense and that would piss me off as a coach if the game was going to be decided by free throws attempt.
That’s why I rarely call a double/simultaneous foul and going to the alternating possession, am glad that they change the ruling for the double/simultaneous foul rules and no longer goes with the alternating possession.

(5)I know that the rule say it is a simultaneous violation and should be called but there are some rules in the book that most officials do not applied during the game this is where you should use good game management and correct it without penalizing a team.

I disagree completely with everything that you said above.

1)Why penalize the DEFENSE then by NOT calling the double violation? Isn't the double violation the RIGHT call? Aren't there TWO teams on the court? Do you always make it a habit of favoring one team over the other? What other obvious violations do you ignore in your game? And ignore a violation and maybe let a FT count that shouldn't have? Yup, that would go over great if the defending team lost by a point. I wanna be there when you try to explain that one.

2)What rule allows you to use that little procedure? Or do you just make up your own rules as you go along? The RULES say it's a violation. The RULES!!!! Not streetball rules! The RULES!!

3)Why would you EVER wait until the FT attempt is over before blowing the double violation? It's a violation when it occurs- not sometime later in the game. And who cares if a coach questions you when you've made the RIGHT call?

4)Again, by NOT making the correct call, you are penalizing the defense. And what about the OTHER coach? You know- the one you just screwed by making up your own rule and not following the one in the rulebook? What are you gonna tell HIM? Gonna tell him "Oh, I didn't like that rule, Coach, so I went ahead and made up my own"? I wanna be there when you try that one.

5)To be quite honest- and blunt-I don't think that you'd recognize good game management if it jumped up and bit you on the @ss. Good game management is NOT ignoring rules, making up your own rules, worrying about what a coach MIGHT say and penalizing a team for no reason.

The only place that your recommendations would be acceptable, Streetball, would be in streetball imo.

Lah me.

Yes, you should do your best to make sure that the players are lined up properly. Sh*t happens however. Once it does, simply follow the rules and don't bother making up your own.

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